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Aug 11, 2016
Hello, I thought I would introduce my self, and tell you all about our new fur baby Kimba.
My husband and I recently had a healthy human baby boy on march 31st and with 2 wonderful fur babies (two dogs) already part ofour family the thought of getting another didn't even cross our minds.
That all changed when we took a trip to petsmart to grab some dog food, my husband ended up walking past the cat adoption area when he spotted a kitten reaching and calling out through the bars of its cage. My husband was never one to be attracted to cats but for some reason he knew this little fur ball was meant to be with us.
It happened very quickly and we ended walking out with this sweet little kitten.
But the poor little guy was a mess, he had diarrhea and needed a bath, he was also very under weight, you could see his hip bones cleary and he felt like was maybe 2.lbs. We ended up buying some hypoallergenic cat shampoo and bathing him, he was a sweet little guy and didn't cry or fus through the entire bath.
I called the shelter where he came from and found out that he was abandoned under a shed with two other kittens, he was already neutered and chipped but still needed some shots. I also found out he was 16 weeks old, the same age as our son! So now we have two 4 month old boys, one just has fur and can already get into everything haha.
We took him into our vet who was amazed at how calm and loving he was, they dewormed him and gave him his shots.
He is a sweet little guy and loves to flop down next to our son.

I was wondering if any of you know of any threads where people have shared thier cat set ups, like cat shelves and play areas, my husband and I just bought a house and I was planning on adding lots of fun cat shelves through out the house. I would love to see what other people have done so I could some inspiration from them.


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Jul 30, 2015
Welcome to The Cat Site!  Your baby and cat are so cute!  I hope you enjoy it here! 
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