Hello Again. Been A Long Time

matts mom

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Apr 5, 2012
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Hi everyone. It's been years. My old computer had all of my information saved, and it took awhile for me to find my credentials after I finally replaced it. I'm SO pleased to see the photos of my cats when they were young- Matt is now 9 years old! the kitten is 5, and the foster is 4.

Matt's a big boy now...24lbs. I've just recently put him onto a weight control food to work on that....portion control is difficult, as he just wanders around eating everyone else's food :/

We have had a dog for a year and a half now. Matt gets along well with him, but Midnight and Helen aren't thrilled. They stay out of the way when he's home, and play at night or when we go out. Everything they need is in a side room, with a cat door. They also have access to the basement, to play and climb among the ductwork.

Helen is still a bully. I doubt that will ever change. She was a bully when we got her too, judging from some old threads I was reading from 2013. She picks fights with the dog, who whines about the fact that he's not allowed to do anything about it. I know she was angry at being displaced- she slept at my feet until he came, but when I put him in the girls' room that first night, she was so nasty that I took him in my room for the sake of keeping the peace. Now she sleeps on the teen's feet in the room he was supposed to sleep in, and hates the dog.
I had considered rehoming her at one point, but everyone is sure she'd not adjust to being taken from Midnight and Matt. She was originally from a hoarding home, with 30+ cats, and she's bonded with our two boys.


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Nov 25, 2013
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It's funny, I kinda remember your username. But I totally remember your signature. :catrub: