Greetings from a 'Foster Fail' in the World Heritage Blue Mountains, Australia! Here's my cat story.


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Oct 25, 2019
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I was first adopted by a kitten (Patches) when living in Canada (she just turned up on the fire escape one day). She then got pregnant (the little floozy) before I thought she was old enough to be desexed. She had two kittens called Pounce & Ginger in my bedroom. I had to rescue & clean up Pounce, as poor Patches had no idea, and just left her on the floor and hid under the chest of drawers until she had Ginger. We kept both kittens, just couldn't part with them! That meant we now had three cats, two mice, and a fish tank of mollies in a tiny one bedroom attic apartment! Eventually came back to Aus - bringing Pounce and Ginger with us (no small deal - vaccinations, serology, $10,000 & 6 weeks in quarantine) but it was worth it. I couldn't imagine life without Pounce. Patches stayed in Canada with a friend who asked to keep her. Ginger went missing during a thunderstorm after a time. I searched and cried for him for a year. I still have him registered as missing, 12 years later. Anyway, visiting pounds was so heartwrenching I decided I had to adopt. That was how Snuffles came into my life. At the shelter, Snuffles was labelled as female (possibly pregnant). I wanted a female, in case Ginger came back (my partner at the time wouldn't allow Ginger to be desexed). Anyway, imagine my surprise when the shelter rings up to tell me that 'she' was actually a 'he', & he had caught cat flu, did I still want him! Of course I couldn't say no, but at least Snuffles is desexed. I had him quarantined in the spare bedroom and nursed him back to health. He's a BIG cat now - about 6kg - with plenty of black panther catitude.
Time ticks on, I decide to have a go at fostering, something I'd wanted to do since seeing all those poor cats in pounds. Menzies was about 6months old when she was rescued from the street by a TNR group and placed into my care. It took a couple of months, but my efforts were rewarded when she turned from terrified feral into a complete love sponge. I couldn't part with her. That was foster fail number 1. Then came two kittens (Steve and Jessica) from the same TNR group, about 6 weeks old. Uh oh! Jessica is absurdly pretty, Steve has the most endearing personality, it was adorable to see Snuffles and Pounce treat them as their own kittens, and Menzies loves playing with them. Foster fail number 2! After which I had to give up fostering. 5 cats is as much as I can handle! 😸



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May 12, 2016
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Menzies and kitty gang, on behalf of The Catsite community, a warm


So glad that you’ve joined this wonderful site and you are in the right place for all things cat and this site is loaded with tons of rich resources and you’ll find friendly and helpful cats around and many of our cats are very knowledgeable in cat related stuffs.

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Dec 5, 2017
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Yes! I agree. Thank you. You may be foster fail but you are a kitty hero!! They are beautiful! I’m so glad they have you and that you have joined us all here on TCS. You’ll find many of us have “kept” fosters. ;) It’s really hard to let go since they steal our hearts. I don’t know if you have explored the site but there is a lot of great stuff here to see. The information is invaluable, the support irreplaceable and the laughs are unending. I love the photo forum here since they keep me smiling. I look forward to seeing more of you around here!!
Your second photo/ belly shot.... just makes you want to snuggle a kitty!