Good/Healthy Wet Foods?


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Jan 26, 2022
Can anyone recommend a few great wet foods that are healthy and my cat might like? It seems like every cat I've had in my life doesn't care for wet food. Just the gravy. My 10 month old cat has ulcerative stomatitis and the vet only told me to switch to wet food while the ulcers heal and it's healthier.
So, I went and bought one can of a few different brands and types of wet food to see which she liked better so I could start buying packs of the specific kind she likes. Well, I've opened 5 probably and she just doesn't care. I know she's probably hungry since I picked up the dry kibble and she doesn't have that option at the moment, but she refuses to eat any of the wet food I put down. Here is a list of some I have tried so far: Fancy Feast Kitten Pate (they seem to never like pate even when I mix it with water), Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials, Masterfully Mined, Applaws, B.F.F., and Fancy Feast Medleys.
Out of those, the B.F.F., Fancy Feast Medleys, and Applaws seem to get better reaction than others. I got her Applaws flakes in gravy in a packet form and she isn't too crazy for it. She seemed to only like the one that came out of a can..
It's just so frustrating and overwhelming when the vet tells you to switch to wet food, but your cat won't touch any of it. I just wanna cave in and give her some dry but I don't wanna give in that easily and teach her that she can get dry if she waits.

She doesn't seem to care for pate either (none of my cats have) and I even mix it with water and add some gravy on top, but not interested.

Any tips and suggestions?


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Aug 29, 2014
FYI none of the Applaws canned or pouched foods sold in the US are complete diets. They are only treats because they only contain chicken (or other meat or fish) and just water.

Try freeze dried raw food. Fed dry, the texture is softer and more crumbly than dry food. Crush up the pieces to make it easier to eat. Most brands are supposed to be rehydrated in water first and the food turns into sort of like chunky meat in a flavored "broth".

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