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Getting Into Mischief

Mother Dragon

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Oct 17, 2006
Suburban Houston, TX
Confession is good for the soul. Have you ever toilet papered (T.P.'d or wrapped) someone's house?

This strange tribute was usually done to someone you liked. You gathered up all the toilet paper you could, either from home(s) or by buying huge packages of it. Then, in the dead of night, you tossed all the paper through the trees, over the cars, and anywhere else you could drape it. Then you ran like the dickens so you didn't get caught. It could be quite a mess to clean up and the victims almost never got all of it out of the trees.

I must confess to doing it a few times. One time an angry neighbor chased us with a shotgun but we got away. Once I caught some friends just as they were tying a big toilet paper bow on my front door. We took down as much of the paper as we could and used it to wrap someone else's house.

Back in the day, computers ran on punch cards, lots of them. We spent about two weeks emptying all the card punch bins at a major computer center. We had a huge bag of tiny bits of paper. After wrapping the house, we distributed those micro-scraps all over the yard, driveway, and porch. It looked like it had snowed.

So, did you ever toilet paper someone's house? Did you do anything in addition? Did you get caught?


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Apr 1, 2015
Yeah I got into my share of mischief. I was a tomboy and have a pretty male personality. So I've papered and even egged houses on mischief night, but I did feel guilty about it and I did get caught. Why I felt guilty because we were poor and the eggs bought to be food ended up aggravating the victim. And I did feel bad for the guy whose house we hit with eggs. It's really not a nice thing to do.


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Mar 1, 2009
South Dakota
Not me, I was a boring kid.

But I have a TP story. One night my mom's dogs were going crazy. Barking and whining and just acting weird. She glanced outside and didn't see anything, just figured maybe they sensed a possum or a stray cat hanging around. The next morning, they saw that the neighbor's house and trees had been thoroughly TPed! Always trust the doggies. . .


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Apr 30, 2005
Where my cats are
No TPing but I was known to leave candy wrappers and things on my friend's windshields if I spotted their car. Usually Starburst wrappers. (And once or twice a sanitary pad...new and wrapped! Although I might have also stuck one to a friends window in high school.)


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Aug 28, 2009
In the kitchen
Yes. When I was younger, we TP'ed a neighbor's house. He was really.....peeved. I was going to go over and help him clean it all up, but he was kind of a nasty neighbor, so I let it go.

When our son was younger, he had a friend spending the weekend with us. And the three of us went over to a neighbor's house and TP'ed the front porch, the bushes, and some of the trees. She took it all in good stride. Her son was very young; we had TP'ed the house and it was after a football game. Her son woke up the next morning, looked out the window, clapped his hands, and said, "We won! Oh, we won!" Then he looked at his mom and said, "What'd we win?" :lol: I went over later on and helped clean everything up.

Yeah. his friends thought I was the cool mom. Our son's friend couldn't get over the fact that, not only did I let them TP the house, I helped. He told his mom about it. Her eyes got big and she looked at Rick. Rick just shrugged and said, "My wife has a few issues." And that was that.


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Aug 6, 2018
I've never TP'ed anyone's house, but my one friend and I did do prank calls one night when I had a sleepover, we never said anything bad though, just annoying "is your refrigerator running?"....I was a pretty good kid overall.
I do remember on time, I was over at a new friends house (the daughter of my step mom's friend). She was a piece of work. We were left for a short time as our mom's went out for dinner, and she thought it was funny to prank call the kids help phone and pretend to have a problem. I didn't like that one bit, so I did not participate.

Maria Bayote

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Jan 15, 2018
No I did not TP'ed anyone's house, but one thing I cannot forget was when I was in elementary studying at a catholic school. I took a pack of communion bread and gobbled it all up, along with my other friends who also had one pack each. The Head priest had to summon us and made us stand under the mid-morning sun for an hour.



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Jul 23, 2017
metro Detroit
When I was a kid, there was a guy down the street who had a little black Plymouth sedan. He'd always leave it unlocked and after Christmas, he'd put the spent Christmas tree out on the curb on garbage day. We'd get up early and stuff the tree into the Plymouth. Every year. Don't know why he'd never lock the car. This went on for five or six years.


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May 18, 2005
Not a house, but cars. I did a lot to friend's cars in college. They got me back one Halloween and the pic of my car even made the local newspaper.


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Mar 26, 2017
Northern NY
I don't do pranks because I hate when people do pranks to me. I know it's supposed to show their affection, but it's usually destructive or really annoying.


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Apr 30, 2005
Where my cats are
You just have to know who you're pranking, how they'll take it and don't go overboard. :) I would never have tried a prank on a stranger. My mom would have let me have it so I don't think that ever crossed my mind. But little things between friends that make them laugh or say "Mooch was here!" Thats all in good fun and we still laugh about them sometimes. :)
I was just going through my pics on Facebook and came across one of when my car was toilet papered:

View attachment 291941
Thats awesome! :lol: I hope they didn't use 2-ply for all that!;)

When my best friend got married the groomsmen completely saran wrapped his car outside the church/hall. They stuck random things in it. He needed a pocket knife to get it off. They were very proud of themselves. :p


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Jul 19, 2017
Burnley, UK
I didn't know the TP wrapping was a thing but if we're talking pranks, a friend of a friend once posted a pair of breeding white mice through the letter box of one of his pals.
The victim was away for several months at the time so...……….