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Food Allergies

Discussion in 'Cat Nutrition' started by Kbschmi, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Kbschmi

    Kbschmi Thread Starter TCS Member Kitten

    Oct 12, 2018
    Thomas and I have had a rough 6 months. Hes doing better but I'm struggling to find him something "good" to eat.

    After a food switch (discontinued), he began to have reactions, first an ear infection, then for 3 days one eye was swollen shut, finally severe dermatitis which from May to October left him bald on 25-30% of his body. 2 severe staph infections, ER visit, steroids, antibiotics.... 4 vet trips later we decided to try an HP rx food. We eat Royal Canin HP and Hills zd wet and treats. 6 weeks in he was much better, 13wks he was clear.

    I've begun protein testing with him in Jan. So far hes *very* allergic to fish (definitely salmon, possibly others) and duck. Reacted in 3 samples or less. Reactions to other poultry too, but not as severe. I maybe tested chicken too soon after fish, which was a severe reaction. He might've just had a second break out from fish entering his system, as those continued for weeks after going on RX to begin with.

    Seems to be ok with beef and steak (need to retest more, but no reaction after 3 samples) and ironically he seems ok with shrimp (also needs retest but clear after 3 samples). I will be retesting chicken (this week) to rule in out for sure as having this as an option opens a ton of windows.

    Without chicken and fish, I'm running out of options. I'd prefer to feed a limited ingredient from OTC to save some money and most importantly insure hes getting some real meat vs hp soy. So, readily available shelf wet foods I'm down to .... venison and rabbit.

    I'd like to test Royal Canin PV and PR, but my vet can only special order cases. I'll know in 1 or 2 cans. They said I can return it, but that seems so wasteful as no one else uses it at my office.

    Long story short....

    Does anyone know where I could order single cans? Or have a recommendation on single venison or rabbit cans that dont have fish meal???

  2. LTS3

    LTS3 TCS Member Staff Member Forum Helper

    Aug 29, 2014

  3. cheeser

    cheeser TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 2, 2013
    Do you and/or your vet suspect that any other ingredients could be an issue for your kitty, e.g., eggs, peas, soy, wheat, etc. Or at this point, do you just need some ideas for foods that don't contain any seafood or poultry/fowl products? And does your cat prefer a specific texture?

    I have a ridiculously huge and unwieldy spreadsheet where I can sort by all kinds of criteria, and will be happy to try to help you out as best I can. :)
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  4. cheeser

    cheeser TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 2, 2013
    I'm going to be away from my computer for awhile, so I thought I'd just post this for now. :)

    Please double check the ingredients for any foods for which you may be interested. I updated most of my data back in November, and haven't had a chance yet to see if there's any new info available.

    This list excludes any form of seafood products (including fish oils), any form of poultry (including liver, giblets, etc.), and any meat product where the protein source is not clearly identified, such as meat by-products, liver, kidney, etc.

    If you think you may have a bit more flexibility, just let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with.

    Dave's Pet Food - 95% Premium Meat
    Beef & Beef Liver Pate

    Dave's Pet Food - Cat's Meow
    95% Beef & Beef Liver

    Beef Pate
    Lamb Pate

    95% Free-Range Prairie Pork
    95% Grass-Fed Angus Beef

    Instinct (Nature's Variety) - Cups
    Minced Rabbit Recipe in Savory Gravy

    Instinct (Nature's Variety) Limited Ingredient Diet
    Real Rabbit Recipe

    Merrick - Purrfect Bistro Gourmet Shreds
    Braised Beef Recipe

    Newman's Own - Organics
    Beef Dinner
    Liver Dinner

    Open Farm
    Grass-Fed Beef Rustic Blend

    Beef & Barley Dinner

    Precise - Holistic Complete
    Flaked Beef Formula

    Pride by Instinct (Nature's Variety) - Flaked
    Lucky's Lamb Recipe
    Rockstar's Rabbit Recipe

    Pride by Instinct (Nature's Variety) - Minced
    Lovebug's Lamb Recipe
    Ritzy's Rabbit Recipe

    Beef Entrée

    Rawz - 96% Meat
    Beef & Beef Liver Pate
    Rabbit Pate

    Beef Tripe Formula
    Bison Tripe Formula
    Venison Tripe Formula

    Weruva - Truluxe
    Steak Frites (Beef & Pumpkin in Gravy)

    Wild Calling
    Cowabunga (Beef)
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  5. LTS3

    LTS3 TCS Member Staff Member Forum Helper

    Aug 29, 2014
    @cheeser I wonder if it would be helpful to TCS members if you can upload your spreadsheet to Google Docs, "publish" it so it can be viewed by anyone, and share the link? Then anyone can search the spreadsheet for suitable foods.
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  6. cheeser

    cheeser TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 2, 2013
    Well, my humble spreadsheet is a bit of a mess, and may not make much sense to anyone but me. And unfortunately, I don't know when I'll have a chance to see if any of the info has changed due to some ongoing family health issues. But I'm more than happy to share it if will help anyone else who's in the same boat as we've been re: getting our cat's food allergies sorted out. :)

  7. frkrhe

    frkrhe TCS Member Kitten

    Sep 8, 2013
    My kitty started loosing her hair too. So after doing a tick panel. She had a flare of of Rocky Mountain and Ehrlichiosis. She was treated for a month the her hair was still falling out. Other blood work looked fine. So we moved onto allergy testing. She has a multitude of allergies.
    Her food allergies are egg, tomato, salmon, venison, rabbit, lamb and duck. She is also allergic to herself per say. So she needs to get a weekly bath with RX shampoo. I am pretty new here and don't know all the details of your kitty. But the allergy testing (although not cheap) opened our eyes. We have found a limited ingredient Merrick dry and pate, as well Weruva chicken she can eat. Of course I think with her other particular allergies she will end up on drops or Injections for her allergies.

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