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Jan 16, 2021
Hi everyone,

We adopted a purebred maine coon kitten from a breeder last week. He is a little over 9 weeks old now, and boy is he a handful. We are struggling with him constantly needing attention and also being too playful. By too playful I mean I will literally just be laying in bed and he will be jumping all over me and attacking random parts of my body ALL NIGHT LONG. It has started to really affect my mood not being able to get much sleep. We have tried leaving him outside of our bedroom overnight and he just constantly meows. He will even meow a lot when we are in the room. He is also pretty destructive and will scratch pretty much everything (we have a scratching post, one angled scratching board, a flat scratching board, and a brand new cat tree with a scratch post) that he doesnt show much interest in. We do have another cat, but she is around 10 and while she has gotten along with my boyfriends mothers kitten, he just seems to be stressing her out. She will hiss at him and swat at him and he will just NOT BACK DOWN. I try to set boundaries with him too by redirecting him, ignoring him, and trying to find other toys to catch his attention but he will literally go right back to whatever he was doing before in an instant. Ive tried doing "time outs" too but he meows constantly and loudly and it makes my boyfriend feel guilty. I dont think that if he keeps it up like this, that our other cat will really like him and thats my fear because I know this issue would probably be greatly helped by him having a playmate. However, our apartment only allows 2 cats and we paid a pretty penny for him so we cant really budget in another cat right now. Ive had kittens before and everything but I never had a kitten like this who is just so wild and destructive. His breeder also said that because of his breed, that we should wait until he is 8-9 months old to get him fixed because she has had people in the past who got them fixed early and they ended up breaking their femur because they werent ready. I guess the main issue I'm having is just his destructiveness with clawing everything even though he has a lot of toys and scratchers, him attacking us (he does have a feather chaser toy and we play with him with that thing a lot), and just the fact he is not taking hints from the other cat to leave her alone. We introduced them slowly and she is okay having him in the room and around, he just pushes her boundaries a lot yet.


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Apr 29, 2022
Hi H Honeybun220 Welcome and congrats on the new addition to your family.

I first note that you got him only a week ago, so I would think you need to roll back and properly introduce your cats to one another if you want them to have a good relationship. Your 10 year old cat will also need some space to sleep away from the kitten for a few hours every day. This is to keep your older cat from getting any stress illnesses.

Do you have Feliway or anything similar?

9 weeks is a little young to be moved from the litter. (I know breeders do this but rescues usually wait until 12 weeks) I think you'll really need to view some kitten information: Kitten Care - View All — Kitten Lady

I have NEVER heard of a cat breaking their leg from getting neutered/spayed and that's a really concerning statement. Male cats can usually be neutered after they reach 2lbs. They should be kept confined and not able to jump after coming home such as in a dog crate (I got one for free off my local buy nothing group, I know many people just borrow one). Of course if the pain medication leaves him woozy he should be confined for his safety. That has nothing to do with how old he is, but how his body reacts to meds. (Late cat always needed confined after anesthesia, have had 3 others cats who didn't.) Neutering in Cats | VCA Animal Hospitals

Introductions Resources:

- How To Fix An Unsuccessful Cat Introduction - TheCatSite
- use cat calming music with purring
- try to feed through food enrichment