Essences for cats in strange places

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Jul 27, 2006
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Farmers Branch, Texas
We will be moving next Friday into a hotel for ten days with our two cats. After that we will be moving into our new three story townhome. I am worried about how our cats will handle this. I know about Feliway but I read your bio and was particularly interested in your work with essences and was wondering if this could be beneficial for my cats.

Thank you very much Doctor, we are glad to have you with us!


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Apr 9, 2008
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Oh yes, flower essences are great for this! At the least, get some Rescue Remedy and start giving it in food or water right away. Give an extra dose the night before the move, as needed during the move and hotel stay, and for a week or so after (again in food or water). Since moving is very stressful, you might want to take it yourselves, too! Here's how to give essences:

SpiritEssence, the essence line that I founded in 1995 (now owned and operated by Jackson Galaxy, co-founder of Little Big Cat), has 2 remedies that would be good for this, too. One is "New Beginnings" and the other is "Stress Stopper." New Beginnings is specifically designed for this kind of situation; start as soon as possible and continue for 2-3 weeks after the move. Stress Stopper is sort of an X-treme-Rescue Remedy, so if your kitties are the type to freak out, it would also be good to have on hand. Both remedies have Rescue Remedy in them, but also many other supportive essences. (I think you can have it Express-mailed if you want.)