Emotional Support Animal... But He is HURTING Me


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Jun 13, 2018
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I think that is less stressful than yelling at the cat, or worse.
Yelling is also a no-no, so I am not sure which is the lesser to these two 'evils'. But, on a more positive note, you will soon be able to edit your posts. Once you become a "Young Cat", aka 20 posts and 5 days of membership you'll received editing privileges.
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Feb 12, 2020
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Yelling is also a no-no, so I am not sure which is the lesser to these two 'evils'.
Overall I think it depends on the specific cat and the relationship you have with them.
List's od DOs and DONT's are biased towards the few statistical example one has (including mine).

Who never yelled at his cat or near his cat raise his paw :) I immediately apologize thereafter and he knows nowadays that I dont mean to reprimand him. I seldom yell to the computer where I work too :)
I had to change the "no!" to a "eh-eh!" which appears to be more effective and probably had a more piercing tone. IDK exactly but when I say that, he stops. Anyway, any form of reprisal must be used VERY sparingly. The fewer things are forbidden the better. Otherwise buy a doll. I say "eh-eh" only when he is scratching his eyes, cause he could damage them, NOT when nailing furniture or myself :)
One more thing, it takes months if not years to properly educate a cat, and first and foremost they have to love and trust you.