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Did I rescue, adopt -- or steal? Copied from another thread


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Aug 12, 2006
among the moose and the deer
Am I guessing right that you know in your heart you did the morally right thing, but it bothers you that this lady and the SCHOOL do not see it that way? The woman is obviously not all there (white trash or not, there are some white trashy folks who actually DO take animal care very seriously) and the "school" or whoever represents it doesd not understand cat care. I think Catsknowme put it BEAUTIFULLY and someone at the school needs to hear it in those words. (just my opinion).


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Aug 1, 2006
Originally Posted by SnowLeop

I think it would be extremely difficult for this owner to prove ownership, though, if she hadn't fed the cat, put a tag on her, spayed her, or given her her shots. I mean, what claim does this person have to this cat if she didn't do any of those things?
I agree- sounds like this cat needed a happy home and hopefully that is what the OP can provide