Diabetes, Fancy Feast "Classic" U.S.A. = "Paté" in Canada


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Jun 28, 2015
I wanted to share some information that I thought could be useful to some Canadian diabetic cat owners.

As you probably know, wet high protein/low carb food is key dealing with DM along side with insulin medication.  Canned food is more expensive than dry kibbles and in multiple cat households, it's often difficult to manage feeding different diets to different pets, at least it's not a "realistic" long term plan for me.  In my particular case, feeding my diabetic cat a wet low carb diet =  feeding my 3 cats a wet low carb food diet.  

Most of the flavors from the Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food Classic selection sold in the U.S. are thought to be (by quite a few DVM feline diabetes nutrionnist experts)  an alternative option when budget is an issue dealing with a diabetic cat because it's formulated with low carbs,  much lower carbs than a lot of other brands, including some of the prescribed food from the Vet for feline diabetes!  

There is not find Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food "Classic" in Canada.

When I sat down and took time to compare Fancy Feast Paté sold in Canada and Gourmet Cat Food Classic sold in the United States, I noticed that the flavor names  labeled "Classic"  in the U.S. are identical to the flavor names labeled  "Paté" sold here in Canada.   Since there is no nutrionnal info on your Canadian website, I visited your US website and was able to find nutrionnal info for Gourmet Cat Food Classic.

So I contacted Fancy Feast in the U.S. by emailed this to them:

There is no nutrionnal info of your Canadian website and since I'm dealing with a newly diagnosed diabetic cat, I want to be sure that the nutrionnal info found on the U.S. website for Gourmet Cat Food Classic can be used with the associated Fancy Feast Paté flavors sold in Canada. 

They responded this to me within 48 hours:

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.  Please know that Fancy Feast[emoji]174[/emoji] Paté canned cat food sold in Canada is the equivalent of Fancy Feast[emoji]174[/emoji] Gourmet Cat Food Classic sold in the United States.  For nutritional information on Fancy Feast[emoji]174[/emoji] Paté Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast, you certainly may rely on the information provided through our website,https://www.fancyfeast.com/gourmet-cat-products/wet-cat-food/classic/cod-sole-shrimp-feast.

I made a list of Fancy Feast flavors that I was able to find in Canada so far that are acceptable for diabetic cats (U.S. residents use this nutrionnal info with the Gourmet Cat Food Classic associated flavor)

*as you can see there are 3 different numbers at the end of each flavor, in the same order that follows they stand for:

(P) = Proteins  (F) = Fat  (C) = Carbs,   (i.e.: Beef flavor feast = Proteins: 50 Fat: 18 Carbs:  5)

Beef flavor feast 50 18 5

Chicken Feast 50 23 4

Tender liver & Chicken feast 50 23 4

Turkey & giblets feast 53 33 3

Cod, Sole & Shrimp feast 55 9 3

 Savoury Salmon feast 52 34 2

 Seafood feast 55 14 3


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Aug 29, 2014
Here's a list of low carb gluten free Fancy Feast suitable for diabetic cats: http://www.felinediabetes.com/glutenfree.htm

The FelineDiabetes.com message board has many threads on low carb commerical canned food choices avaialble in Cananda. Just do a search there or start a new thread and ask
These theads in particular may  be helpful:


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