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Jan 3, 2018
Thank you for the update, I'm so happy to hear that she is recovering and almost back to her old self. Give your brother a big hug from all of us, he truly is a hero.

Lol me too! She ate a whole can of wet food today plus treats. I will give him a hug, he’s gloating lol


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May 2, 2018
Scares me when I think about it. I called the animal hospital I took her to in florida to speak with office manager and inform her what happened ( I was really polite and even broke down emotionally). She was still insisting that it might be cancer but glad that Lola is alive. She asked me if I can forward her records from NY so they can learn from this case. She plans to speak to the vet on Monday morning. I wanted him to know what happened so he is careful in his judgement next time he’s treating another fur baby. I can’t imagine how many animals out there die because of lack of appropriate judgement.
So glad your kitty is ok❤ Unbelievable they could not see it was an abscess, I guess cancer can mimic one maybe and vice versa. Thank goodness your brother insisted on another dvm.

One of my outdoor cats had oral cancer, they thought it was fhv because she was drooling and had an eye infection. They did an enucleation and I kept telling them she is still drooling with mucus in the mouth and nose, and can’t eat as much and was breathing loudly etc.

Finally I insisted when she went to have the stitches removed that they check out her nose and wash it out.

She was sedated and they called and said they could not get a tube in her, they did an xray and saw she had invasive cancer to the bone also. I will never understand why they couldn’t see this when they did the enucleation.

anyway, it spread pretty rapidly in her case and I think it had been going on a lower level for a while, she had the drooling on and off and then her eye became tremendously swollen, like popped out, and infected suddenly, but it was really cancer. I spend about three weeks with her in a drop trap cage giving her medication‘s and everything which I never would’ve done and had I known she had an invasive cancer. I would’ve just let her be free in the studio until it was time to go. I think the enucleation made it spread even faster.

I actually suspected cancer right away, which I told my regular dvm because of what happened with my dog, but they just ignored me. Another dvm did the enucleation.

I’m wondering if they did an x-ray of your cats head because that should always be done when they have symptoms like this just to make sure because in Jezibel’s case that would’ve shown she had cancer before they ever did any surgery on her.

My dog from years ago had the same thing. It also started with what seemed to be an infection in her eye, but it was rapid oral cancer. Usually these cancers are very aggressive.


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Aug 21, 2013
Orlando Area, Florida
It’s so wonderful to hear she is recovering from the infection and it’s good you notifyed the Florida vet.

Looking back, I remember my cat with oral cancer went through some subtle symptoms, like pulling his hair out and being a little restless at night. This all started about two months before his cancer diagnosis. My exvet said it was allergies from the hot weather in Florida, even though my cat was an indoor only and we constantly run the air conditioning. Also he was a little constipated and throwing up sometimes.