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TCS Member
Mar 3, 2003
My 14 year old, Mandy, was diagnosed last fall with early signs of Kidney disease, and was switched to Hills K-d food (she'll only eat dry). A couple of months later she started having problems with constipation, and I had to start giving her lactulose each day (1.5 mil). I always suspected the change in diet might have brought this on. She's since switched to Purina NF which she likes much better.

I'm wondering if I can expect indefinite success with the lactulose, and also wondering if there might be a chance that she can be weaned off it. She doesn't like taking it, of course, and it makes vacationing difficult.

I guess any comments you have on lactulose and constipation problems would be appreciated. Thanks!!

amy shojai

TCS Member
Young Cat
Jun 28, 2003
I'd ask the veterinarian about weaning her off the lactulose. If it's simple constipation, I'd say the chances are good. But if she's had excessive problems or chronic megacolon as a result of the constipation, lactulose is one of the more common and useful treatments.

Milk may be more readily accepted by your kitty, and in some cases, may work as well. As you know, adult cats tend to lose the ability to easily digest milk, which can result in diarrhea. Small amounts of milk can work in a similar fashion to the lactulose--as an osmotic laxative.