constant crying

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May 18, 2021
I knew I was right when I said earlier that you are her angel :vibes::redheartpump::heartshape::redheartpump:
assessment from her onco, " Assessment: Placide presented for recheck exam, bloodwork, and ultrasound. She has been doing well at home, on a higher dose of gabapentin, and lower steroids. Placide was bright and alert on exam today with pink gums. She is now > 6 years since her original surgery! No murmurs or arrhythmias were asculted, and lung sounds were clear. All lymph nodes were palpably normal. Her abdomen was soft and nonpainful. No significant abnormalities were noted on exam. Her stool has been normal at home recently. Placide had recheck bloodwork and ultrasound today. Her CBC, Chemistry panel, and TT4 were all unremarkable. On ultrasound, a miracle has happened, and her colon looks normal! She also has resolved urinary bladder and gallbladder debris which was previously seen. I am SO happy that Placide is doing well. We discussed continuing everything the same since she is doing well. We can continue to see her every 6 months for exam, bloodwork, and abdominal ultrasound. Treatments and Procedures in Hospital: Oncology recheck, CBC/Chemistry/TT4 " this is truly the best Christmas present ever! i am still stunned! she wants her off pred but said to wait til after the holidays. i agreed cause if something goes wrong i need the comfort of fully staffed hospital! she is still needy and still cries but i know for sure she is not hurting but just needy in her old age. i bought this but she doesnt like the instability? so i put her in it but support the bottom. shes ok for a while.