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Jan 25, 2021
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I had a question about clomicalm and lingering side effects:

I have a female cat who just turned 16 and is in very good health but had a traumatic event which ended up in using Clomicalm (2.5mg/day, she weighs about 10.3lbs). Immediate side effects were severe dry mouth leading to increased thirst, straining in the litter box, and severe shedding (hand clumped in fur when petting her-I haven't seen this side effect listed anywhere).

She was on the medication for 3 months and weaned off over a week. It's been 2.5 weeks since she's been off but still seeing the side effect of slight dry mouth/increased thirst (although not as much as when she was on). She had hardly ever drank water in addition to that in her raw meat diet (60g meat w/ 1/4 cup water 2X a day) and blood test results a bit before clomicalm had everything normal (no worries on kidney levels). I always monitor water consumption so I know exactly how much she drinks everyday for the last few years and have written records. Typically 2 tbs a day here and there was normal but now it's between 4 and 8 a day, mostly overnight, this all occurred after clomicalm use.

I am wondering how long do people typically see side effects last after discontinuation. I have read in humans it can take 10 days and other articles saying after 14 days a tissue concentration reduction of 70-90% can occur in cats. Is some lingering side effects something people may have noted during their experiences?

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Dec 12, 2012
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Cats, like people, may have different time schedules when metabolizing drugs. Because of her age, it could be slowed down. I also read that this drug caused reports of alopecia in animals by mimicking hypothyroidism. Which can also cause an increase in water consumption. In people, it takes a good month for these types of meds to start to take effect, so it could take that long for the med to leave the body too. I would give her a good month to see if there are any improvements,(it sounds like you have seen a few) and if she still has side effects, have her tested for hypothyroidism, which is treatable. I think she just needs more time, bless your heart for being such a good cat parent!