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Clingy Kitty


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Oct 9, 2019
My husband is in the prosses of being diagnosed with Parkinson's, our cat has been very clingy lately. She normally is the type of cat that only wants to be bothered with when she wants you to touch her, but the past few weeks she has bee very clingy with just him. Once in a while she will lay on me when I'm laying on the couch but she has to be on him all the time. He is getting very annoyed with it, she wants to lay on him when he is in his chair and when he's laying on the couch. Could she be doing this because he is stick. It is starting to weird my husband out he says.


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Feb 20, 2011
I read an interesting article a few weeks back about a women who could smell Parkinson’s. I don’t recall the exact reason why but apparently Parkinson’s affect the chemical odor that the individual gives off. I am wondering whether your cat also smells that and really likes this new scent,

Or, of course, it could be that she can senses his stress and is trying to comfort him.


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Jun 24, 2017
Northeast Montana
My mom had undiagnosed Parkinson's when she died. So the fact that your husband is getting a firm diagnosis now is very helpful.

It is possible that your cat is picking up on something. My cats do react to me if I get really sick. Last time I got the flue and did a lot of coughing they came running when I had some bad coughing fits. They appeared to be genuinely concerned which surprised me. To be sitting there doing that raspy nasty stuff and have your cat start rubbing on your leg and purring and another jumping up on the arm of the chair and "talking" to you is not what I would expect but mine did. They definitely notice something isn't right. The same is true if I get cut, there I am running water over it in the sink to clean it out and the next thing I know one of the cats is there next to me bunting my arm. They can be far more empathetic than people would credit them for.

And now for the maybe good news. I just heard about this although it has been out for a year now. They may have a new treatment for Parkinson's. It's a vaccine that clues the immune system into reacting to the problem causes and it attacks them. It has been very promising in trials. Here are a couple of articles about it. You can find a lot more with Google.

Potential Parkinson's Vaccine, Affitope PD01A, Safe and Possibly Effective, Phase 1 Trial Series Finds


Maria Bayote

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Jan 15, 2018
I have read somewhere that there is a woman who can "smell" Parkinson's as Parkinson's disease they say has a distinct odor, and is in fact present long before any physical symptoms appear. Could be that your cat also can smell this as what others commented.

BTW, I am so sorry to hear about your husband.

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