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Jan 28, 2024

i’ve never had a cat that has been a big chewer until this one. he started chewing this maybe a month ago like wires or the string of his feather toy. he started chewing the strap of my top today quite aggressively lol. I wanted to see if this is normal? He did have eating issues that never got fully resolved (bloodwork and chest xray were good) and is currently only eating dry food. they looked on his mouth but said his teeth look good so i didn’t schedule an exam. anyway, i just want to make sure this is normal because i’ve exhausted a lot of options with his eating and everything coming back normal but i’m always holding on to hope that there’s an actual reason why he started eating less and only dry. thanks! i attached a video. i bought some of the protectors for wires to stop the biting there.
April 17, 2024


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Jan 19, 2024
Hmmm. I have no thoughts as to what would be causing this besides he likes to chew and it’s a questionable behaviour. He may just prefer dry food so in regards to that it may just be pickiness. My Moose is very much a chewer when it comes to certain objects and I have to be extremely careful of what I leave around and what kind of toys I buy/leave out as he will get them caught on the barbs of his tongue and swallow them in many cases. To date he has eaten the tail of a mouse toy, part of a churro wrapper that he dug out of the trash (I now have to use heavy enclosed lidded garbages only), a small part of a plastic ziplock bag because he apparently really wanted to eat the single cookie crumb left in there, and even a few plastic broom bristles (!!!) which he mostly vomited up, but I did spent many days meticulously smashing up and searching his poos to ensure everything safely passed… this habit can turn dangerous fast with the risk of blockages of course, so yeah, I’d just be extremely careful with what you leave around if he’s like this. Especially with string like objects and hair ties.