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Cavileir King Charles Spaniel

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Animals' started by posiepurrs, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. neely

    neely TCS Member Staff Member Forum Helper

    Dec 22, 2005
    Be still my beating heart, he is absolutely precious. :heartshape: He looks like a Riley too! Good luck with with the cat and dog intros. I'm sure it will work out for everyone. Hugs to all of you. :hugs:
  2. MeganLLB

    MeganLLB Accidental Ailurophile Super Cat

    Jun 29, 2017
    Pennsylvania, USA
    So cute!! :hearthrob::hearthrob::hearthrob: I wish I could get another one now! If I didnt rent and owned my own house I would get a second one.

    A little tri pup. Lovely! Goog luck with the intros :crossfingers: I'm sure it'll be fine. Most cavs are great with other animals. Once the cats get used to him it'll be fine.

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