Cats watch each other use litter box


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Aug 5, 2020
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Hi, I have a situation with my cats.
Background: My 3 year old cat Doc has just been introduced to his new sister Billie (3 months old). I followed expert instructions (thank you Jackson Galaxy; really the screen door/baby gate tip was crucial to anyone reading this.))) They are getting close after only a weekend! Feeding for us is similar too, I thought my big boy was going to be food aggressive, but I was wrong, he was letting her eat off his plate the second day, (I think he knows she's a baby and needs the extra food,aeee4r4r4r4r33 (kitten on the keyboard) so we do separate them, not in different rooms, but far enough apart, or get her distracted with a toy so he can start eating, and then she gets hers. Everything is working great, they touch noses, play a bit, and sleep with me in bed. It's a dream, hoping for them to get even closer, but not rushing the process of course....anyway...
The Litterbox: I have noticed the same thing with them using their boxes. Admittedly we should have a third litter box, but for now, it's two large bins with a large hole cut out in the front. They tend to watch each other while going number 1 and 2. I remember when I brought home Doc, he was so little, and seemed almost scared when he went to the litterbox, he would meow and announce when he went, and we would watch him to make him feel secure. Now he's fine with going, only sometimes alerting us. So I think with the new kitten, he remembers being afraid, and wants to make sure she is safe because defecation certainly is a very vulnerable moment. They meow when they are going, and he follows her to watch her back. It's actually really cute, and they will smell each other's waste to learn more about each other, inspect for infections, etc, since that is the money hole for scent information so I think there is a lot going on there that we as humans aren't privy to; but you are right, the fear of ambush was real, so I stay guard just in case every now and then, but everything seems fine in regards to the litterbox.

If anyone has another explanation, I would love to hear it, and if anyone wants to chat more about how I introduced my fur babes, I would be happy to discuss!


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Jan 9, 2018
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This sounds terrific, thank you for posting such a great introduction story!!


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Dec 5, 2017
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That’s a great explanation about the litter box. I’m glad you posted and i sure you will be able to provide helpful information to others about introducing kitties. Congratulations on adding a new furmily member! Thank you for adopting too! I love the picture! The kitten reminds me of one I rescued, Domino. She bonded with a kitty from another litter. They went to the litter box as a team! Lol
Please do update us as things progress. We all love seeing a growing furmily.

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Feb 23, 2016
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Mother cats teach their young to use a litter box by imitation. She takes the kittens to the litter box and shows them what to do then she watches over them when they go.

It sounds like your elder cat, Doc, has taken the younger, Billie, under his wing, already.

If Doc is sharing his food with Billie, that's a big thing! HUGE!
Cats are often defensive about their food supply. When a cat shares food with another cat it means he considers her to be part of his clan.

If he's also sharing his litter box and teaching her how to use it, he DEFINITELY thinks of Billie as one of his own! :)