Cat won’t stop spraying all over my stuff outside


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Sep 11, 2020
I am not sure if he has an official owner, but he always comes from down the street. This tuxedo cat is an unfixed male that is constantly spraying all over our whole block. Every morning I see it walk down the street, literally spraying at least 15 houses. It’s crazy. None of the other cats around here do this because all the other owners have gotten theirs fixed.

I love cats and this cat seems to be well fed and is clean and in good health. However, it is scared of other people and has sprayed all over my garden, my flowers, my porch, my daughters toys outside, our grill, my greenhouse, etc. I did not even know cats could spray this much. As soon as you go outside the smell of cat pee hits you. This cat does this every single day. It is also fighting my next door neighbors cats which are all fixed and incredibly sweet. I know the root of the problem is that he needs neutered. However, I am not able to do this. Is there any possible way to stop him from doing this besides him getting fixed? It really is nasty.

Currently, our only solution is to run outside and stop him before he does it which is just not possible all the time. Any ideas or is this hopeless?


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Jan 11, 2024
We had this problem once and my mom used some cat repellents that are non toxic like putting coffee grounds or vinegar in the places the cat does this, it will make it an uncomfortable place for them to be. This was years ago though so I don't know if any research has come out about one of those things being harmful for cats so definitely do research! I'd also maybe check around with neighbors to see whose cat it is to make sure it isn't a stray that needs help.