Cat scent swapping progress


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Feb 14, 2024
Hello you guys, i’ve made a few posts about my new kitty and adjusting to living with my crazy tom cat, but to sum it up, my new cat Ozai is neutered and my resident cat Karma is not, as his appointment is in March. They’ve met once on accident and it did not go well so i’ve been re-introducing them slowly again by scent and sound (i feel as though sight will wait after i get Karma neutered since ive been told to do so + i have to re-introduce them anyway since Karma’s scent will change.) I feed them both a couple feet away from the door and Karma seems completely uninterested in me coming in and out of the room and continues to eat his food while i bring Ozai’s in. I felt confident today, and while Ozai hid in his tunnel next to the bed i let Karma into the room and blocked off any access to Ozai and honestly i think it went pretty well. He sniffed around and explored the room with his nose but was completely calm and receptive when i talked to him. I had to nudge him out of the room after a while since he neared Ozai’s hiding place and i didnt want Ozai to feel threatened. Afterwards i gave him plenty of treats by the door and he didn't display aggression at ANY point in time. I’m pretty hopeful for the future as Ozai has been in my home since Valentines day and he’s adjusting quite well. Karma lives life as if Ozai doesnt even exist so hopefully even if they dont become friends they will tolerate each other!