Cat rolling in litter when clean OR soiled. HELP.


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Aug 21, 2016
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I clean the litter box like 3 times a day, sanitize/wipe down and everything. Cats are now using pee pads in the box instead of the dust because i'm having SEVERE health problems from the dust. One cat is fine with this because he pees on the ceiling (which i started lining about 8 months ago) so it doesn't make a difference to him. When he poops he just wraps it up in the pee pad on the ground and I airlift it out. We're on good terms. 

My girl cat is a little over 1. She was fine at first but now she's taken a liking towards rolling around in it when it's clean but also if my boy cat has gotten any urine on it. And I mean she really enjoys it. She rolls around and chirps and chirps and she would look cute if the whole idea wasn't so gross.

I'm really at my wit's end. I thought I finally found a solution but this is just gross. Then she hops on the bed and rubs her body all over the bed, so I feel pretty disgusting and don't even want to sleep in my bed. Even with a bed cover, that's gross.

I'm doing everything to make this work for ALL of us but I can't go back to the dust and my eyes stinging and the blood in the nose and the burning in the chest. All of that started to ease up about 2-3 weeks into using the pee pads instead of all the kinds of litter we tried to use. I don't even know how many brands we switched to and my boy rebelled against all of them except the one that was REALLY dusty and the pee pads, but now SHE'S being difficult for the only solution that works for him and for me.

My husband is like just deal with it and give them the dusty litter but I can't. It was SO bad, I could barely get through a day. I can't go back. How can I get her on board? She used it the first two weeks and in the last week she just uses it to roll around in. 

I want to make this work but if it doesn't, I'm worried I'll have to find her a new home because of the allergic reaction I was having to the litter that she wants or all of the litters we tried. It's not fun having to completely wash their litter a few times a day, but I'll do it. I tried wood, I tried that walnut stuff, every no dust litter on the market, the ones that don't clump. The eye, nose and chest issues didn't stop until we switched to paper. I just get respiratory problems from them. Even the cat urine itself but I wash it out immediately after so it's not an issue.

I try so hard to make them happy. When something finally works for one, the other has a problem and I feel like we're getting to the point where I have to find someone else for her but I love her. 

The litter has really just been a long, never ending battle where no one is happy.


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Mar 15, 2016
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I'm sorry you're having this issue! How many litter boxes do you have? If you only have one, I would definitely recommend getting 1 or 2 more. The usual suggestion is for 2 cats is to have 3 litter boxes. I also would say not to sanitize the box completely every day. Cats like to smell their own pee, it makes them feel like they have ownership. I would just replace the pee pads without using any kind of cleaner on the sides of the box most days. Maybe just use a wet paper towel instead. The smell of the sanitizer might be encouraging your girl's weird behavior.

Have you tried crystal litter like this? That might be better for allergies. Then you could put the litter down in one box, and pads in another. See if she'll use the litter and avoid the pads, while the boy continues with the pads.

Also, are your allergies triggered by cleaning/filling the litter box, or just being in the area of it in general? Would there be anyway that your husband could completely deal with the litter, and it could be moved to a room that you don't go in much like a basement?
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Feb 27, 2015
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Have you thought of trying a paper litter such as Yesterday's News? I've never used paper litter, but I used to use paper bedding for my horses and it was virtually dust free.

If the paper litter works for everyone but your boy, have you thought of combining it with Dr Elsely's Litter Attractant (just the herb blend, not their litter)? Adding that in might be what it takes to make everyone happy.

You're absolutely right - there's no way that you should have to live with that level of allergic reaction to the litter. There will be a workable solution out there, I'm sure. It may just take a little more experimentation to find it.

If your allergic reaction was from cleaning the boxes and handling the litter, dust masks might well help alleviate the problem. You can get them in bulk online, and they're not too expensive.

I'm sorry if you've thought of all of this before - I'm just throwing out ideas on the hope something helps :)

I really hope you can find a solution very soon :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes: :vibes::vibes:


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Nov 21, 2016
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Have you looked at Tidy Cat Breeze litter system? I use this, although some cats don't like the pellets, mine has no problems with it. I know someone whom has severe allergies so I sympathize with you. Sorry one of your kitties is making this difficult.