Cat needs to gain weight

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Feb 28, 2016
aprrox. over 3 months ago,I had an heart attack,as well as triple by pass,a friend of mine ,under previous arrangement fed the cat for awhile, however later on the cat rescue, whom I got the cat from, insisted that they'll take care of the cat in my abscence(Hospital, and rehabilitation facility, took 3 months) however as I continue to recover at home, took close to a month, I receive my cat back,I have no knowledge "why"?but the cat lost a lot of weight,and I do my best ,to help him gain weight,I feed him both dry and wet cat food ,however he is not a big eater,so I try to get info.(information) about "how to help this cat gain weight"?. ASAP. some folks suggested the usual mix the food with chicken broth it will(supposedly) raise his apetite ,I'm not so sure,since cats prefers fishes (eg can of tuna type of cat food) cat food has Taurine in it which help the delicate digestive system of the cat to digest the food,,as a rule human food, so I learned is not good ,or healthy for a cat ,any ideas?,I'll appreciate it a lot.


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May 12, 2016
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I receive my cat back,I have no knowledge "why"?but the cat lost a lot of weight,and I do my best ,to help him gain weight,
If there's no health issues, too helps gain back weight is best to feed your cat wet food meant for kittens as what K Kristen977 mentioned.

Kitten food is high in proteins and nutrients which aid them in their growth. Best is wet food as it helps hydrate the cat. Dry food is full of carbohydrates and makes your cat gets hungrier faster and put on weight, the unhealthy way.

Also, I guess maybe you cat misses you while he was fed by your friend and staying at the rescue by not eating much and probably also stressed by the other animals. Please do not feed him human food.


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Jun 13, 2018
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I hope you are well on your way to recovery!

As mentioned above, try kitten food. As long as he is eating cat/kitten food, supplementing his daily intake with human food is not really an issue. Even something like baby food meat (Gerber Stage 2 or Beechnut) can be added as a supplement, and one little jar contains 70-90 calories - it is all protein too! Since he is accustomed to eating both dry and canned food, adding a few extra pieces of dry might help to get some weight back on him as well, and be easy to reduce to his 'old' amount once he has picked up some weight.

Not all cats prefer only fish - I have a cat that will NOT eat fish flavored canned cat food at all! So, you could look into other flavors of food especially if they contain more calories - I think you will find most non-fish are actually higher in calories as a general rule.

Vet offices typically carry Hill's Restorative Care (A/D Recovery) food, so if you can get a couple of cans to try with your cat, that might also be an option. It is packed with appropriate nutrients for a cat and it is high calorie.