Cat licks bites herself to no avail.


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Jul 7, 2020
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this started a LONG while ago.
She will lick herself and make holes in herself. She was eating Instinct I believe, the dog version had lead in it; she was constipated on it. So, I changed her to the what the vet recommended, Hills Science Diet.
She still licks holes in herself.
I went to another vet, we did a month of steroids, antibiotics when ever it happens... Finally, he gave me a cream and said put her in the Zen collar when it happens to keep her from licking and put this cream on the parts she breaks open. Later give her a bath to get the cream off.
This has been the cycle.
ON Facebook. the persian breeder page recommended I get her on a limited ingredient food. I found Oreijen that is n't spelled right: ITS TOO EXPENSIVE!
I half her Hills Science Skin and Stomach with the Fish Orijen dry food. . At night I give her 1/2 can of wet Hills Science Diet.
She over grooms the same spots, under her neck on her shoulder and imbetween her leg and where her stomach meets.
When she has the collar on, she drags it through poo and pee..I'm forever washing it...Not only that, she has long hair and is unable to clean her bumm which she presses into the floor and carpet when I'm not there to wipe it for her.

I got her an open litter box, and pine letterbox, and we have been experimenting with that because she has mobility issues.. It's funny, I bought pet stairs for the bed, and she climbs the mattress like a tall tree..
I don't get her.

Occassiaonlly I give her the cat lax the vet gave me when I asked for it. She has muti advantage for cats: heartworm, fleas, hookworm, roundworm, and ear mites monthly. For two cats it's $80 every 3 months. The 15lb bag of oriejin is $100. The Hill's science diet is $30 for 15 lbs, my other cat eats this; she eats everything. She has been scratching her fur in front of her ears bald. She is 8mo old, and a persian also.
Maybe your cat is experiencing pain or discomfort in that area. And that's why it is licking. Try to give your cat full attention because sometimes when your cat is bored or alone, he can try to do this. Or maybe your cat is stressed, or anxious.