Cat/kittens introduction- now kittens won't eat


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Nov 29, 2021
Hello all and thanks in advance for any advice! Here's the backstory:
We have a feral cat in my hood- last fall she produced a litter that was adopted out by my neighbors and we took one of the kittens. She's a beautiful black beast named Pyewacket and is about a year old. So mama disappeared and in August showed up pregnant again. We fed her and she presented us with 2 more kittens that we have now taken in - a boy named Rollo and a girl named Gris Gris. We've had the whole crew taken in and fixed , and Mama, babies and Pye all spent time together outside on our porch. Pye has been familiar with the kittens, (who are now 3 months old) since they were born. Each day she goes outside and they all smelled/saw each other. Technically all 3 cats are siblings, albeit different litters. However, when we brought the kittens in she started hissing and swatting , especially at the little boy. They are together at times during the morning and evening, but Pye always wants to go outside after eating and not stay in the house. She's like a teenager who wants to go hang out at the mall and definitely not with the babies. The kittens are beautiful and playful and have no idea why she dislikes them and until recently kept trying to play with her. All she does is lunge and growl at them like a car stuck in 2nd gear! We've had the Feliway multicat for awhile and it HASN'T worked...and now they skirt around her and stay out of her way.
So following Jackson Galaxy's advice, for the last few days we're trying feeding them all in the same room. Pye is ok with it, and doesn't mind being close to them with food, but now the kittens have stopped eating. From being ravenous little creatures who screamed for food at a moments notice, they are simply not touching it. It's been almost 2 days- they are energetic and drinking water and I've seen some poo in the litter box that looks fresh.Today Gris Gris took a few bites, but Rollo hasn't eaten. I've tried the cat crack in the tube, which ironically Pye and Gris Gris ate together today (which I took as a good sign) but Rollo wouldn't touch it.. I even made some kitten formula -Gris drank a little but Rollo only sniffs at the food like he's interested but won't eat it. Two days ago I came home to some kitty puke like they had eaten too fast and too much. I was concerned but they seemed ok and I haven't seen any since, so I don't think they're sick. Usually they each eat a full 3oz can of wet food in the morning and evening with kibble snack midday, but now food just sits there. So my question is- do you think since eating with Pye they're stressed? Tonight's meal was fed separately and they still didn't touch it. I was going to wait another day or so before I considered a vet trip, because they're not lethargic, just not hungry. Anyone have any thoughts? It's my first time around as a cat mama, and I've gone from 1 to 3 cats in a year and it's a little overwhelming!


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Nov 29, 2017
If they’re acting normally otherwise then they should be eating. Sounds like a trip to the vet is in order to be safe.


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Oct 16, 2015
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At their ages, you don't want to wait. Take them in for a vet check. Kittens can go sour so very quickly. If they are not ravenous, something is going on. And PLEASE let us know! We'll worry!

LOL, I used to have a beloved pet rat named Gris Gris. And I'll bet for the same reason... a little bag of magic.