Cat kennel suggestions


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Apr 29, 2020
Hello all!

I'm trying to think ahead on 3 situations.

1. Right now I'm considering adopting a second cat. I am in a 1 bedroom apartment. Since her royal highness the Princess Delilah has run of the entire apartment and will probably be furious at being banned from either the bedroom or bathroom, I have read suggestions that a kennel may be advisable for at least the introductory period.

2. In the future, having experienced the Texas power failures during the snow and ice last year, I've worried that if something happens and I need to temporarily relocate to a hotel or friend/family house, I need somewhere larger than her carrier for Delilah if we need to be there for any length of time. My brother and niece both have dogs and my sister-in-law is cat allergic so I would need to keep Delilah (and any other cat) secure.

3. If for some medical reason my kitty needs to be contained, I need a place where she can stay and not be running or jumping.

So I'm looking into obtaining a collapsible kennel, so that I can put it in the garage and have it for emergencies. But I don't know what kind to get.



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Sep 6, 2016
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Dog kennels work just fine for cats. For medical holds or introduction that is probably the best bet. When my boy had a medical confinement, his vet rented us a dog kennel that we basically got our money back once we returned it.

For emergencies, I have a pet play pen that is cloth. Mostly because it comes in a carry case and is light weight. If there is an emergency I need something I can grab and run with while carrying the cats in their hard carriers. The dog kennels are bulky and heavy. Even if I am just throwing things in my car, I keep an unopened bag of cat food, their carriers and the play pen in the same space and I can quickly grab and go with them. The play pen has the benefit of being flexible so I can fit it in my car or in small spaces and it will conform to the space. Although since it is nylon it can tear.

You could probably use the play pen for medical or introductions too but since it is lighter cats can roll it around or tear it. Personally, I'd rather have both on hand so I have options but since space is an issue, the play pen fits in a narrow space between the two carriers.