Cat grass in the kitten's stomach for two weeks?


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Nov 8, 2013
Previously I have posted a thread on my kittens's vomiting symptom - he vomited 6 times in the past two weeks and well, now seven times and twice today... The interesting thing I found is one tiny piece of cat grass in his vomit. You might think that was the reason for all his vomiting but strange thing is he only had it once far back two weeks ago - actually that was he suspected answer to his very first time of vomiting. The question is how long can the grass actually stay in his tummy? If this is old grass from that time, it'd be a little more worried than just puking because that might indicate serious digestion problems. There is also a chance that he somehow managed to get some new grass which has been place somewhere high beyond his reach, but I doubt it given his kitten muscle strength.

Anyone has the clue?