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Jun 9, 2019
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I had posted about my little Stormy on the Health forum regarding a really rough July, but without going into all of that again, does anyone have any recommendations for a wet cat food? Stormy is a bit more resistant to wet food, but will eat it at times. Having had a cat with kidney disease in the past, I would like to get her on to SOME wet food, even if it is only for one meal a day. I have tried Hills Healthy Cuisines in the past, I tried a few of the Purina Pro Plans, and I've tried Fancy Feast. She liked the Fancy Feast the most, but after getting sick she turns her nose up at it. Any recommendations?


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Aug 13, 2009
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I've got a very picky eater. My advise, just keep trying different brands (all kinds), and also different textures and proteins - chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, rabbit, etc. Mine likes pretty much ONLY chicken, but only certain brands. I can buy two cans where the ingredients look identical, and he will happily eat one, and scoff at the other. So just keep trying. Also try some of pouches. They seem to have more liquid in them.

And if you're concerned about her taking in enough fluids, you can always get her a fountain. Many cats love them. If Stormy likes drinking from a faucet, she'll like having her very own fountain.

Here's an article on getting your cats to rink more: Tips To Increase Your Cat’s Water Intake – TheCatSite Articles

Havng had three kidney cats in the past, I know from whence you come :frown: I now only feed wet food, and add extra water to all their meals. FILTERED water to boot. Don't know if it will help, but figure it can't hurt.