Cat Food Recommendations?


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May 15, 2013
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I've never noticed or had this problem before and now I feel very stuck.

I keep finding black chunks of rubber/plastic in this cat food. It's a brand I had never realized was quite so bad (Nestle's Purina Friskies). I'm almost out of it (thank god) but I need to figure out a different brand quickly so that I know what to get when the time comes.

I would LIKE to make food for them eventually, it's just a large project I likely will have to embark on my own, as my mother is very anxious/tired/busy/etc. and expresses great reluctance in helping me/researching with me.

So basically, to cut to the chase, until I can do all of the research necessary and take the plunge of making the food myself, I'd like some recommendations for canned cat food? I was reading various articles listing 'good brands of cat food', one of which kept popping up being 'Ziwipeak'.

It lead me to this forum but I was deterred by the price and by a few people having horrible (if not alarming/disturbing) experiences with Ziwi (diarrhea/vomiting/blood in stool/etc.), some of which remind me of how one of my cats has been behaving lately. (She's always very food concerned, has been her entire life to the point of having a 'reputation' in the family for being a bit obnoxious compared to the other cats.)

In the last couple days, after a couple weeks on Friskies, she's become OVERLY hungry and anxious about food. I have to feed her several times a day and she still seems hungry, even after eating. She has begun jumping onto the kitchen counter while I'm fixing the food (something she's never done before), persistently trying to 'steal' food from the other cats while they eat, literally grabbing OUR food (yes, with her cat-hands) and eating things she normally wouldn't eat (like marinara pasta????).

I'm suspecting the food is causing it (she has some serious weight issues (she's nothing but skin and bones) that I unfortunately cannot take her to the vet for at this time due to a VERY, VERY complex financial/living situation I'm going through that I'd rather not get into on here) so I really want to switch it.

TL;DR What's something canned thats better than Friskies that I can get from a grocery store that isn't going to break my bank?


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Feb 17, 2017
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Fancy feast Classic Pates are actually a good food and a little better than Friskies. Sheba Pates too.


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Jul 25, 2017
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What is your budget? Ziwipeak, while a great food, is something I could never afford to feed my 3. Mine get a rotation of Redbarn lamb, Crave (I caught it on a really good sale, not sure I could feed it regular price) , Abound (same formula as Tractor Supply's 4Health brand), and Fancy Feast classic pates (the only way I can get beef in my cats!).

Half of their diet is a homemade raw that I purchase and supplement from When/if you decide to make that plunge, be sure to check out the resources on the raw feed subforum under cat nutrition. Supplementation and proper ratios are key. It seems daunting but there are a ton of people here that are more than happy to help. :)