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Dec 13, 2020
Hello all,
My senior kitty, Piper, suffers from megacolon and is borderline kidney issues so my vet has her on a dry Royal Canin gastrointestinal as well as starting on adding some wet Royal Canin renal food into her diet. We do take miralax and cisapride as prescribed by the vet, and she is generally pretty picky but took right to the new Royal Canin wet food. Since we are dealing with 2 issues, and a picky cat, I still plan to intermix the Fancy Feast and Sheba food in her diet, ESPECIALLY since she won't always eat the dry food even when mixed in with broth because she's 18 and has terrible teeth. My question is, has anyone tried a diet of intermixing different things like this, and how much of each have you given your floof in a day? When Piper wants to eat, she eats a ton, but I cannot do a whole bowl, or two back to back meals of the same thing in a meal (hence why there are usually 3 cans opened and covered sitting in my fridge at any given time).

Why do cats have to be so complicated, especially when us humans will do anything to make them happy. Picture just for smiles.



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Aug 13, 2009
I guess the real question is, before adding in the Renal food, how was she doing on the mix of foods? If she was doing fine, then adding in just one additional food shouldn't be an issue. If she doesn't get the gastrointestinal food, does she then have the bowel issues? THAT is the real concern here, in my humble opinion, since she is still borderline kidney. I've had three kidney cats, and none of them ate a kidney diet, simply because they were so darned picky, so you're already ahead of the game in my book. I think feeding some renal food, some FF, some sheba and at least some of the dry is fine, concentrating on getting her to eat the dry for the magacolon as much as is needed. Can you mix it into the wet to soften it up? Or even break it up into smaller pieces by putting it into a bag and hitting it with a skillet or something to make it easier for her to swallow?

As far as how much to feed her, I would say as the kidney disease progresses you will find her appetite decreases, so at some point you WILL beg her to eat . So for the time being, I'm inclined to say when she does want to eat, even now, let her eat her fill to keep meat on her bones. She's 18 afterall. If she likes eating, let her :cloud9: