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Cat Dictatorship

Discussion in 'Cat Behavior' started by typhons, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. typhons

    typhons TCS Member Kitten

    Jul 9, 2017
    Today I am exhausted at my wits end with my kitty I love her so much. But god she can be demanding. I play soooo much with her, I am really starting to be sick of it, I play approximately 1 hours to 1h30 in the morning and 2h in the evening but that's not always enough for her. She is always demanding play time and I am starting to be sick of it. She has food puzzles, electronic toys but ignore them, she has tons of toys that I rotate but i have to be the one moving them for her to pay attention. I am sick of it honestly. I can't continue like that. Yesterday I had a friend over and I was doing something else than playing with her for once and she did not like it a tiny bit. She was very distant after that, kept on meowing for my attention the entire time my friend was there. And I am happy to give her attention but sometimes I want (need) it to be anything else than play time. The problem is that she is not really a lap cat kinda of cat, she loves me I know that. But petting happens only on her terms and when she wants it. And that's mostly once in morning and once in evening. So not sure how to show her love and attention otherwise. Any idea? How do I do to manage her desire for attention in another way than by play? I don't want her to end up hating me. Any idea is appreciated I so much want her to know that I do love her, even if I do something else.
    For precision I can't take another cat as it's 1 pet per apartment rule in my building. And I she has: 1 cat tree, 2 window shelves, 1 bird feeder, tons of toys, and a 1 tent.
  2. susanm9006

    susanm9006 TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Feb 20, 2011
    Let's start with the basics. She is a cat. Provided you are kind to her, feed her and give her some attention she will not hate you. Play with her as much as you feel like playing with her, she will occupy herself the rest of the time. Provide her with a variety of toys, some good window scenery and some occasional treats and she will be getting what she needs. Instead of feeling guilty, just enjoy her.
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  3. Alejandra Rico

    Alejandra Rico TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Mar 27, 2017
    Asturias, Spain
    This may sound stupid, so please, do not get offended if you have already tried it or it doesn't work for you.
    I have an almost 5 months old bengal kitten. She has two cat trees (one is about 1'65 m high), a lot of toys and an adult cat to Play with. However, her favourite toy is a tiny ball of paper. She "hunts" it, bites it, throws it, hides It and eventualy brings It to me so I throw it again for her. Try making a few of these and putting them around the house so she always has one near her.
    She will not hate you, you are her human and, besides, cat mommies also teach their babies to mind their own bussiness while they go hunting and have some time for themselves.

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