Cat acting depressed


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Aug 4, 2022
I have noticed a change in Twinkies demeanor. She is very quiet, yesterday she wanted to spend almost all day on our bed. She did eat, I saw her use the litter box once yesterday after I scrubbed them. The cat we have been watching ( 1 month) is still here , could the constant space switching be getting to her? The other cat is staying upstairs and we have been doing space switching since we have no intention on letting them Co-mingle together. Sometimes the upstairs cat uses the litter box down here, could Twink have caught something? Or maybe she is just sick. I hope it is not the FIP coming back. I am going to call the vet today and take her in this week for a blood test to check. The other cat is returning to her home this week.


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Jun 13, 2018
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It could be from the other cat's presence, or a medical issue brewing. So, it is good that you are having her seen by your vet. Ask your vet if a recurrence of FIP is possible. It has only been recently that cats are surviving FIP, so I am not sure if there is much data on whether it can recur again.

I personally would not have bothered swapping locations given this other cat is not going to become a permanent resident in your home. At this point, it really doesn't matter given you only have another week left. With any luck all the tests come back good for Twinkie and once the other cat is gone, she goes back to her normal self!