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Jul 3, 2003
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My 15 yr old cat was diagnosed in Nov. 02 w/fibrosarcoma. She was operated on Dec. 9, and has done excellent until recently. She is very near the end of her life, and I am trying to keep her happy each day for her to enjoy it to the fullest. She was not expected to make it through the surgery and was given only a couple more months to survive. She is a real fighter. It has been almost 7 months and I have treasured every moment with her. I am very sad to know that the time is almost here for her to go to kitty heaven. I am so glad I had the surgery done in december. I switched veterinarians, and my old vet told me there really wasn't anything that could be done. I just want to let people know that there is hope out there. Each case is different, and the surgery was rather inexpensive ($300.), but worth every penny.

amy shojai

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Jun 28, 2003
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is very scary, and devastating whether it's a human or furry family member. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Those extra 7 months with your girl have been a gift to you both.

The many veterinarians and oncologists I interviewed said two things, over and over:

1) cancer is the most treatable and curable chronic disease of pets
2) even when cure isn't possible, pets can still FEEL GOOD during the time they have left.

You're right, that different types of cancer--and different cats--respond differently to treatment. Surgery is the most common type of treatment, but radiation and chemo also are commonly used. Cats almost never feel sick--and they DON'T lose their hair! I know of a couple cats who went to shows and won ribbons while undergoing chemo.

Cats don't know they have cancer. They just know how they feel THIS MOMENT, and if their favorite human is with them making them happy--they ask for nothing more. Something else the doctors told me: their furry patients show great grace and dignity during their illness, and teach us humans wonderful lessons about love and trust.

What is your cat's name? You both sound like very special folks. *gentle smile*