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Can I Use A Heating Pad With Straw?


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Dec 14, 2017
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I took in a stray dog and fixed up a kennel for her; named her Baeli. I created her a little sleeping area in the kennel blocked off from wind but for cold nights, I got her a K&H heating pad; the hard plastic kind with a chew proof cord.

She loves her straw but I'm wondering if it's safe to put the pad on or under the straw? I believe the pad keeps a steady temp of 100 F. Or should I do away with the straw and use towels/blankets instead? My concern was the bedding getting wet and cold from her feet. Unless I put a welcome type mat at the dog door to help dry her feet before stepping in?

Thoughts? Thanks!


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Feb 27, 2015
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The kitty playground
I wouldn't want to risk mixing heating pads with straw. The fire risk is too high. If you want to use the heat pad, use a less flammable bedding material ;)

Straw is a fantastic heat insulator on its own. You can add in some heat reflective blankets if you want to boost the warmth a bit.

This is about cat shelters, but most it it can be applied to dog kennels too:
I have lots!

Rubbermaid Magic Boxes. Inside is insulated with Reflectix and heat pad in the bottom

This is my Shed in a Box. Inside is all of the shelters

This is the heated house my DH and DS built. It is insulated and is heated with a hound heater.

These are made by K&H. They have a heat pad in the bottom

This is a feral villa my DH built

Inside the feral villa

Is there a particular reason you're keeping Baeli outside? I've always had my dogs in the house (along with us and the cats). I do know some people who keep their dogs in outside kennels, but they're working gundogs rather than regular pets. They have heated kennels too ;)

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Jul 28, 2018
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Dogs can generate a lot of heat for themselves. I agree with Columbine, straw, or straw with the body heat reflecting blankets.
Just check Amazon and they've got some really nice ones for less than the price of a heating pad. If the addy doesn't work go to pet supplies dept enter body heat reflecting blanket. If you don't Amazon at least you'll know what's out there.


di and bob

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Dec 12, 2012
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Nebraska, USA
100 degrees which is what they get to or maybe a few degrees warmer is the same as a cat or dogs normal temp. I wouldn't let the straw build up too much on top of it. I use my heatedpads with blankets and check them every few days to see if they need washed. I usually end up washing them every couple of weeks.

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