Bro and advanced arthritis and prognosis

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Feb 4, 2014
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Hi ...replying back to tell you that Bro who was almost put down due to arthritis down the entire back...has been given 3 times a week Krill oil...Wallgreens brand comparable to Mega Red

Krill oil We give him one capsule of 300 mg on a tablespoon of wet food..3 times a week

I take a safety pin and I punch a hole in one end of the soft capsule and then I carefully

squeeze the contents of the Krill oil onto his small amount of canned food on a plate.

I hold it till he eats the food with the Krill oil mixed in the food.

On the same wet or canned table spoon of food I add Cosequin bought at Walmart

and he gets that 3 times  a week mix it in with the Krill oil and food.

Daily he gets Pro Den plaque off one half tiny scoop in  canned food once a day

7 days a does prevent plaque and freshens breath also...

He is alive and doing GREAT..since last november and december when he was in pain that made him holler one day limp one day..

The xray showed Bro's back was full of advanced arthritis.

and made him aggressive for a day or so...

I know many might not want to hear of our faith , which is Jesus christ is our savior

who lives inside us...and died on the cross for our sins..and we asked him to be our savior..

but that was one prayer that was truly answered...he let Bro live for a reason

because we would have put him down within hours and had called the vet..

Sheri for Bro and Lily and Larry/husband