Breed my Female Ragamese Cat

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Jan 14, 2021
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I'm searching for a male Ragamese to breed with our female. We would like for her to have one litter. Kittens are spoken for, but obviously willing to share the litter. This is not for profit, but for my daughter, it's her cat from a birthday present. There are many family friends, the parents, that would like a kitten from this litter. They will sign agreement not to sale. They have to return to us if for some reason they can't handle the addition to their family. Long post too long now. We are willing to travel to make this happen. Or offer stay in Las Vegas over night if you're interested in a vacation as part of the breeding process. 😊


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Sep 6, 2016
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Welcome to TCS.

First of all, per the forum rules, this forum is pro spay and neuter, Terms and rules. So we don't have many members looking to breed. While this specific forum is geared towards professional breeders to get advice on breeding practices and questions, most of them know who they want to breed with already

3. This is a pro-spay-and-neuter website. Please make sure to spay and neuter your cats. Unless you are a professional breeder and your cat is part of a professional breeding program, please educate yourself to the importance of spaying and neutering by the time your cat is 4-6 months old. If you take care of a feral colony, please make sure to do so responsibly by practicing TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) protocols within the colony. Read More Here.

Second, Ragamese isn't a breed. Ragamese is a slang term for a Ragdoll Siamese cross, except it isnt used by professional breeders (to my knowledge). The Ragdoll breed is an outbreeding of Siamese to begin with being that the colorpoint gene originates with the Siamese and the Ragdoll breed was an developed to make a long hair cuddly Siamese. So professionally breeding a Ragamese doesn't really have a point. There are already long hair colorpoint breeds and breeding a long hair to short hair colorpoint will just give you more colorpoint kittens. My guess is that Ragamese is a moggy identification for a moggy cat whose has a longhair colorpoint and shorthair colorpoint parent. Humans in general love to label things. Even though a purebred Ragdoll and a purebred Siamese must be papered and have lineage to be those breeds, people label their cats as one, the other or a combo all the time. Unlike dogs, appearance is not enough to call or assume breed. Cats weren't even considered purebred anything until the last 200-300 years and purebred lines are general new historically speaking. The colorpoint gene which gives both cats their coloration is widespread in the general cat population. If both parents are colorpoint, their kittens will be and even if neither parent shows colorpoint they can have colorpoint kittens. It pops up seemingly randomly all the time because it is so widespread. Being colorpoint just means that some ancestor 1 or 100 generations was, not that the cat is a specific breed. The Ragdoll breed is only 50ish years old and not very common. Since most of the Ragdolls history has been during pro spay and neuter times in America (and it was developed in America), it is rare to see an actual Ragdoll outside a breeding program, let alone one that isn't spayed or neutered outside a breeding program. The chances of an actual Siamese and actual Ragdoll cross breeding and those kittens being sold unaltered with breeding rights is slim to none. Which all boils down to, even if your cat can trace her lineage to actual papered ragdoll and siamese there is a an almost unidentifiable chance that you will find another actual ragdoll and siamese true crossbreed male who isn't neutered. Most likely you will find a misidentified moggy who just looks like his parents could have been maybe those breeds based solely on appearance.

None of this makes your cat any less special or wonderful, but it does mean that unless you saw pedigree papers on your kittens parents and unless you see them on the other cats parents, then the cats are likely pretty moggies (since Ragamese would not be a recognized breed and therefore wouldn't be papered itself, it would have to be the parents to verify purebred status of the parents. A cross bred isn't purebred anything unless the outbreeding is allowed in breed standards). My guys are pretty moggy, just normal everyday domestic cats with no particular lineage. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but they aren't part of a breeding program and should not be purposefully bred.

Third, putting aside that a cat shouldn't be purposefully bred because there is an overpopulation. Putting aside that if you want your child to experience birth, you could foster a pregnant cat so that you can help a cat in need instead of adding to the problem. Putting aside that there are hundreds of kittens dying daily for homes that your friends and family could adopt instead of purposefully risking your cats life for kittens. And yes, they can find colorpoint kittens who need homes in shelters and rescues, I have two colorpoint rescues myself..... have you researched breeding cats?

Is your cat old enough to even have kittens? She shouldn't be breed until she is at least a year old and healthy. Are you prepared with an emergency fund incase she needs an emergency c section? Have you researched proper nutrition for a pregnant and nursing mom cat? If you plan on breeding multiple times, have you researched proper timing of litters to ensure healthy mom and kittens? Do you have a scale, bottles, and formula in case she is a bad mom or has a large litter and needs help? Do you know how to nurse and clean a kitten yourself in case she dies or ignores or can't handle the kittens? Do you have enough homes lined up if she has a large litter? Do you have enough money to vaccinate and spay/neuter all the kittens before they go to their new homes? Are you prepared to feed, care for and the expense of raising kittens in your home until they are 16 weeks? Because that is the recommended time to ensure the kittens are well adjusted and don't get behavior problems later in life from being taken too young (yes, 8 weeks is way too young, 12 weeks is too young and 16 weeks is ideal). Are the adoptive homes willing to wait 16 weeks to ensure their kittens have the best start to life possible? Its good that you won't let others sale or abandon the kittens, but what about breed them? Declaw them? Check over actual adoption agreements and there are a lot more clauses involved. If any kittens are deformed or have medical issues, are you prepared to handle those or keep the kittens? Are you prepared for potentially reducing your cats life so she can have kittens? She will have an increased chance of reproductive cancers the longer she is unspayed and deadly uterus infections until she is spayed afterall. Not to mention the chance of something going wrong with the pregnancy itself.

If you've already gone over all the above yourself, I do apologize for the repeat and questions. If you haven't, I encourage you to use the resources on this forum to make sure you are truly ready to breed
We have a lot of people who don't consider everything and just want kittens. Please know that I dont mean offense, but is it really in your cats best interest to have kittens? I know its not in the general cat population best interest since there are hundreds of cats who need homes. If you are in Vegas I recommend Heart's Alive rescue to adopt from or reach out to if you want to foster. My boy to a beautiful cat, as is my girl, and I have been asked if they had kittens or will have kittens myself. I have had moments of regret that I dont have a kitten from them. But in the end it is the best choice for my cats well being to be spayed/neutered and it is the best choice to tells others to adopt from rescues. No matter how adorable my cats are, there are hundreds of adorable cats killed every day because they don't have a home or aren't cared for, if there are good homes out there I feel it is my moral duty to direct them to the cats who need good homes instead of taking them away.
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