Best wet foods without thickeners for IBD cat?


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Sep 7, 2018
Thanks. I will look into the Optagest. I tried another probiotic for her and it made her sick.

She usually eats small amounts. She came from a hoarding situation and I believe she never got regular feedings. She likes to graze. She won't eat regular meals like the other cat.
At this point I only give her the chicken to sort of supplement her canned food. The vet had her on a food trial of rabbit and she ate it for a time, but it did give her diarrhea and eventually she refused to eat it. She was losing weight. Now she's gaining the weight back.
I do agree about the dry food. This is the grain free prescription "rabbit" food I got from the vet, by the way.
Thanks for your tips.
Optagest is digestive enzymes with a pre-biotic. Rather than supplementing with beneficial bacteria strains, this feeds those strains and encourages them to thrive in her gut. I place Optagest in the might help, probably won't hurt category. You'll get far more bang for your buck out of the AnimalBiome Gut Restore Supplement. But that does require you to be able to pill her or have her pill herself on a daily basis. Optagest can be mixed with food. Gut Restore Supplement has to be given whole.


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Apr 29, 2022
i see that at a local store but it’s $30 for 8oz…I pay less for a 4-5lb bag of call of the wild kibble. Am I missing something about how to use the freeze dried food? It seems like 8oz would be a day or two worth of food.
It's lighter because all the water is removed. You add water to it. I can't honestly remember how long that bag would last me. I know there's other brands as well but I haven't ever tried them.
I think my cat used to eat between 6-8 of the pellets per meal. But I fed a mix between that and FreshPet. FreshPet does have thickener in it though to form the kibbles. The other downside is that it needs refrigeration.