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Best "floofy" cat grooming tools


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Mar 8, 2016
southern IL
I have one long-haired (ie floofy) cat who also happens to be my oldest cat (age 8.5 years).  She's just taken a dislike to the brush I had been using (which I had liked for it's easy-to-clean feature).  Not brushing is, of course a really bad idea, but she isn't letting me groom her with the tools I have.  Here's a reasonable picture to see her floofiness.



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Jan 11, 2015
Western Massachusetts, USA
As stated, a comb is your best friend while grooming a long haired cat. I have a houseful of Persians and the greyhound style comb is all I use to comb them. If this started suddenly it may be that she feels discomfort when you brush. Arthritis comes to mind given her age.