Best Christmas Shopping Day EVER!!!!


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Aug 6, 2018
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I swear the universe was on my side today.
I'm one of those "get everything done way early" for Christmas people, but this year I was stressing as I had not done anything yet. The mall and shopping at Christmas gives me anxiety (way too many people) and I find people are always so rude. Granted, I still have A LOT of baking to do, I'm going to have to chain myself to the oven over the next couple of weekends. But today was awesome....yes that's right, Christmas shopping at the mall and traffic and people were awesome.
Today was a beautiful sunny day and the roads were clear and traffic was surprisingly light.
I got a parking spot right away, even though the lot was FULL.
I found all the gifts I wanted to get all in the same location (except I did make a pit stop at the dollar store), I didn't have to go to any specialty stores like I thought I would.
Several of the items I wanted were on sale.
I even found my special gifts for my nieces that I swear I thought didn't exist. I get an ornament every year for my nieces, it's something I've done since the day they were born. I finally found a giraffe ornament for one of them (her favorite animal) and a really cool sparkly microphone for the other (she's a singer). SO EXCITED!!!
I got all the stocking stuffers for my hubby and found some really cool items he's going to get a real kick out of!
I even found an "ugly Christmas sweater" for him. It has a fuzzy cat on the front all freaked out with string lights all around! I hope he'll wear it, it's super cute! He's a pretty good sport with a great sense of humor so I think he will.
People were really nice, saying excuse me and sorry and all that when you get bumped or cut off. I totally expect that it will be crowded but I hate when people are rude about it.

Anyway, I'm just super pumped that I had such a great day. I hope all of you experience happy, non stressed preparations for the holiday season.

Now I just have to get thru my baking (which I usually start in OCTOBER to get it all done!)