Bed Marking Problem


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Oct 21, 2022
Hello Everyone.

My one and half year old Chupiie is with us for the last 3 months now and she’s been our oldest adopted cat that we’ve had at the age of over one year old when we got her.

Chupiie is a non sterilized Sphinx munchkin cat with a very loving and clingy behavior although we discovered a big issue with bed and floor marking happening on everyday basis starting from us finding small marks of pee on the bed sheets and ending on poop being outside of the litter on the floor (litter is easily reachable for a munchkin cat) and big pee puddles on the bed possibly every time that Chupiie needs to go to the bathroom.

We cannot tell much about Chupiies upbringing since everything that seemed perfect in the words of her breeder showed reality of Chupiie being possibly mistreated by children/adults which makes her panic every time she sees strangers in the house, being very fragile among All of our other 5 female cats (including 3 younger cats that Chupiie) we always try to keep her safe and seen around other cats and separated in moments when we’re needing to leave the house.
Chupiie is our only easily scared and sensitive cat that needs to be around us most of the time (which we love) she doesn’t feel threatened being left alone most importantly although her fear of strangers, easy freaking out over louder noise or faster movement as well as submission to all of our other cats that we always try to prevent makes us realize there might be an undergoing issue in her life with breeder that had multiple Sphinx cats and children.

Chupiie is our only cat that pee on every bed that she’s seen, only cat that happens to use the litter at times although mostly she’s making small marks on the floor/bed or chair.

What can possibly be the cause of the bed urination and pooping around the house?

does anyone know any ways of helping our cat use the litter only (we already tried using anti urine spray and exchanging sheets each time Chupiie used it.

thank you for all of the help!

Chupiie and her moms.


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Apr 29, 2022
Chupie needs to be checked at the vet for FLUTD.
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) | International Cat Care

She's also not an only cat so she could be marking territory as she is nervous and anxious. Getting her spayed will help, but she also needs you to help build her confidence.

Cat Confidence | The Kurious Kat

finding ways to ensure there's the right amount of pathways to/from resources as well as a good amount of territory for all cats will also be key:

You will need to clean things with an enzymatic cleaner to help her not go there again. Maybe buying a waterproof cover for your bed would help while you sort this out.

you might also have to try different litters, different litterbox placement. Does she need quiet space to go? Does she like to have company and feel protected to go? Does she like a lid or no lid? Depends on the cat. What options does she have in your home now?