Anyone know how I can tell what breed please ?

The Goodbye Bird

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May 15, 2020
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One theory is that the white spotting mutation reduces the number of melanoblasts, so each precursor cell ends up "covering" a larger area. This is what Mary Lyon thought (she is the person who discovered Lyonization = X-inactivation).
This is the one I would put my money on.

It's actually tangentially the reason I'm not already a cat breeder, though with a different breed. My parents bred Japanese Bobtails and when I was 10, they gave me a clump of 5 bottle babies this queen just plopped out and had no interest in. You save 'em, you get 'em. There was this one tri-colour female who had the patches but so little white on her that she was a rarity. And I swear she had one orange patch on her mostly-black body that looked exactly like a pumpkin, stem included.

What my parents said was that she would not be good to show like that because they want colour balance and more white but she would probably be good to breed since it was random. So that was going to be my personal starter. I was really into The Nightmare Before Christmas and I was going to name her after the main song: This Is Halloween.

Well, entirely on my own, getting no sleep while I fed them and kept them warm and wiped their little bottoms, I saved four of those five kittens which is pretty good for a first try, but sadly This Is Halloween was not among them. They begged me to take the other female but at that point I was really upset and I didn't want any other cat. I finished raising them and I was just kind of done. I blamed the queen and never took her out of her cage to play with her again even though she cried every time I walked by her, which I feel awful about now.