Any advice on her nails?


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Nov 25, 2017
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One of my kitties was born feral, and even though she is in my house 95% of the time, she still likes to go out occasionally. I don't want her to go out...but there's hell to pay if I don't let her! LOL She usually only goes out for a few minutes, and only in my yard...but with cats, you never know! So I have never trimmed her nails. She might need those nails outside!

But that's my dilemma! When she's inside, she is SUPER AFFECTIONATE...always touching my leg, jumping on my lap, wanting to be held. That's great...and most of the time she retracts her nails...but sometimes she "forgets"...and OUCH!!! ( If I ever have to go into the hospital, they'll swear somebody is abusing me with a straight pin!)

My question...any ideas what I can do? Was I told wrong when I was told not to trim her nails?


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Sep 6, 2016
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That's a tough one. The problem with not trimming her nails is if she was to get scared or attacked she'd be defenseless. However, if she isn't spending a significant amount of time outside her nails probably should be trimmed some. Cats do sheath their claws but they also spend a significant amount of time clawing things outside to mark territory and stretch. In that process their claws will get filed down some naturally. If your girl is not getting to scratch on logs, rocks or in dirt then her claws are going to be even sharper then a cat outside. Plus there is a risk of them growing too long.

I'd probably trim them if she is tolerant of it.