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Feb 17, 2013
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Bronx, NY
My 8 year old female cat has anxiety towards strangers and towards others she used to be friendly with.  I dread taking her to the vet only when necessary because she hisses & bites the staff.  Her anxiety begins as soon as I put her in her carrier & we are outside.  She makes a low growl in her throat.  I become fearful after she's had her doctor's visit because she gets angry at me also and I'm afraid to handle her.  Thank goodness all I have to do is open her cat carrier and she climbs right into it.  She is strictly a house cat.  She dislikes it when my grandchildren and others comes to the house and try to touch her.  She's a little jealous when I am spending time with my grandchildren who travel from another state.  When they leave she is all over me trying to get her turn. I boarded her twice when I went on vacation and it was a terrible experience for her.  She was so mad that when I brought her back home, she defecated on the floor and looked at me.  This is a cat who has not had an accident since she was 6-8 weeks old. 

I am retired and become stressed when I decide to take a vacation.  My husband usually stays home while I travel because of my cat's behavior.


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Apr 2, 2010
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Annapolis, MD
Sorry you have a frightened cat.

What steps have you tried to alleviate her stress:  Feliway?  Rescue Remedy drops?  A calming spray?

Did you take her to the vets after her behavior changed--you indicated she has anxiety "towards others she used to be friendly with"; sometimes that means she isn't feeling well or something [which you may be unaware of] happened that triggered the change in behavior.

If your cat dislikes other people petting her, can you put the cat in a room by herself when you have visitors.

Yeah it would be nice if she wasn't afraid of other people; but it's more important that she trust you.

And cats are smart, but I don't know that they are that smart to seek revenge, anger by pooping in front of you.  (Maybe she was so stressed she couldn't poop until you returned home.)

In lieu of your husband staying home to look after your cat, maybe you could have a pet sitter come in and feed your cat.

How do these suggestions sound?