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Amusing Reactions To Outside Noise

Discussion in 'Cat Behavior' started by Nature9000, May 16, 2018.

  1. Nature9000

    Nature9000 Thread Starter TCS Member Adult Cat

    Mar 2, 2018
    So, Prince and Nikita will always be indoor only (they've not tried to go outside either, though Prince has at least twice in the six months I've had him tried to casually walk past me when I enter the door, which led me to gently nudge him back inside).

    I've changed my bedroom around and took off the sheet I had over the window (My cats love sitting in front of it now) and I thought to open the window, letting air in and such. There's a screen in place and watching them yesterday and today, they've only sat or laid in front of it, so they haven't tried to claw through it or anything (So I hope having the window is okay); but today my downstairs neighbor has been outside the apartment with her kid, and there's car noises too, so I'm watching my cats walk around the living room and every now and then, like a meerkat, stop and look towards the bedroom door with ears raised.

    Prince tried to go up to the refrigerator at one point, so I'm not sure if he's scared of the outside noises or not. They don't act anxious, just curious and confused when they hear people. Like yesterday, my neighbor walked out of her apartment (the window overlooks the stairwell, and I'm on the second floor), and Prince stood up on the cat tree in front of the window and leaned forward like trying to watch and see what was going on.

    It's interesting because he is accustomed to other people, though no one's been over at my apartment for some time now, so they may or may not be nervous around other humans. I know when Nicole was over, they had no problem with her.

  2. catlover73

    catlover73 TCS Member Top Cat

    Sep 3, 2006
    Chicago area
    My cats are normally not scared of thunderstorms. One night I was at my desk using my computer and there was a really loud bang of thunder. My Starbuck was asleep on my desk. She is a munchkin with short little legs and is not much of a jumper. She jumped from off my desk and ran into my bedroom. I followed her in there to check on her. She had decided to bury herself in my bed. Usually she prefers to be carried from my desk to the bed at bedtime. My other 3 cats were already napping on my bed when this happened. I walked in the room to find all 4 of my cats hiding under the covers. None of my cats have slept under the covers in years. They did come out after the storm passed. They were all walking around my bed room complaining for about 30 minutes. I decided to just lay down on my bed. After they were done complaining everyone went back to their normal sleeping spots on the bed and stayed there all night. It is rare that i have all 4 sleeping on the bed all night at the same time. They all sleep on the bed but tend to come and go at various times during the night. The next morning when I woke up everyone was still on the bed napping.

    My two youngest cats tend to sit in the window and watch thunderstorms. If there is really bad weather I have to worry about taking shelter they have to be locked in the bathroom or kept in their carriers in my basement to keep them away from the windows. My other two cats will automatically go in the basement with me if there are weather warnings. It is pretty rare though that I have to take shelter in the basement of bathrooms due to weather. The bad stuff usually goes around us.

  3. Gizmobius

    Gizmobius TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Dec 4, 2016
    My previous cat was scared of everything once she transitioned to indoor only in her final couple years. Even rain hitting the roof was a "hell no, get me outta here" for her!

    My two cats now aren't fazed by hardly anything. I was shocked last summer when my boy wasn't even reacting to fireworks. Since then, I've adopted another and I'm curious to see how she reacts to them, but neither of them are all too concerned with thunderstorms either. They both even sit at the open window right up against the screen and storm watch. :lol: Lawnmowers, no problem. Gizmo once even curiously watched somebody use a chainsaw on some wood right outside the open window.

    The only thing I've seen that has alarmed them to the point they walk a few feet away from the window is when a school bus or garbage truck goes down the street. That one is a little too foreign of a sound to them, I guess. :lol: Weirdos.

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