Am I A Terrible Person? Or, Scare The Cats, Twopence A Bag.


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Jul 26, 2015
Hudson Ohio
You are not terrible for laughing! All the chaos is scary, but it's such a relief to laugh when all the fear has passed.

Years ago my Siamese girl freaked out over some noise DH made in the living room. She BOLTED from the room and tore straight up the cat tree...but she didn't...quite....make the top. *scrabble scrabble scratch....and fall* Poor girl landed unceremoniously on her butt and to make matters worse, the other cat, DH and I witnessed her fall from grace. She got up and literally SKULKED away in shame. Seeing this, DH exclaimed in a perfect Howard Cosell imitation: "CHA-GRIN IS WRITTEN ON HER BODY!" and that's when she stopped and glanced back at us with her best stink-eye glare. We were laughing for days and it's still one of our favorite memories of her!