Alternate Heating sources?


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Hey gal!

Once again I appreciate you giving of your valuable time to do this for us.

Could you please share with us alternate heating methods to keep tiny ones warm if you do not have heating pads available (pet ones, as I know that human ones are not that safe to use with tiny kittens)


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Young Cat
I really appreciate getting to talk to such caring people. You folks are really hitting the kitten's most pressing needs right out of the gate.

Warmth is an orphan's most pressing need--even more urgent than his need for food. Chill will kill a kitten very quickly. A kitten under 7 days should be kept around 90 degrees. Up to 30 days he should be kept around 80 to 85 degrees. After a month the room can be kept at 75.

As y'all know, kittens never show up when you're prepared. But just because you don't have a special pet-approved heating pad doesn't mean he has to freeze. You can fill a sock with uncooked rice and place it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Test the temperature before you put the sock heater in with the kitten. You don't want to accidentally burn him. And speaking of burning the kitten, whatever heat source you use, make sure he has room to crawl off of it just in case it gets too hot. Don't forget to check it every few hours. You'll need to reheat it occasionally.

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