Aggressive Behavior towards men in Male Neutered Cat. Fine with women


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Mar 28, 2020
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Hi. I am brand new. Looking for some help please :( suggestions, tips, 20 year old daughter still lives at home. She got a male kitten a few months back. I already had 2 grown female (spayed) cats. The kitten is cute, playful but shows some random aggression. She got him neutered and we hoped that would help but it hasn't, and has actually got worse towards men. There are 2 men in my home and the cat hisses and scratches at both of them for just walking by him. He is pretty good with us women but still, isn't the most friendly little guy towards us either. I'm thinking it's something to do with "male dominance" ? But I really have no idea. I've had many cats in my life, male and female, and never had this problem. I love the little guy but hate my husband and son living in fear if the cat :( PLEASE HELP :(


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Jan 9, 2018
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Hi! Welcome!!
After reading your post twice, I'm not sure - I don't think your kitten was abused before he came to you but just in case there's this that might help;
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Can you try and have your guys give him food and treats, and otherwise do their darndest to ignore him? Can you play with him? Can he go outside into a protected yard or catio to work off some of that energy?

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Feb 20, 2011
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I think it is probably more fearfulness rather than aggression or dominance issues that causes him to lash out. Most cats run if they are afraid but some stand their ground and hiss, scratch or bite, and I think that is your guy. First thing that I would suggest is that your husband and son take over setting out meals for him and cleaning litter boxes. They should also do their best to give him space and not walk close to him but they should sit or lay down on the floor and try to engage him in some play, like rolling a ball to him, dragging a wand and string etc. or even just tossing him a treat. Big scary humans are just less intimidating when they are down at the cats level.
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