Advice on Cat Door for Cat With Kinked Tail


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May 18, 2018
Hey there,

I've got a question regarding cat doors and kink tails. It's already awfully hard to find a proper cat door as it is, but our cat's issue is kinda complicating it even further.

The issue:
We (girlfriend and I) want to install a cat door in the door leading to the staircase. Our cat gets cabin fever during the winter, and our only option is to let her in the basement so she gets "out" a bit.Obviously, we'd then have to keep playing porter or be subjected to endless meowing, which is loads of fun at night.
The door is a regular wooden door, bit sturdy (~3cm/1.2in thick) leading into a staircase. Since it gets cold at night, it should be insulated so we don't heat the house unnecessarily (the way we are now). The issue then is that most insulated cat doors only come with chip readers and the like, which is a bit overkill for indoor use. The other, more pertinent issue, is that most of those that looked suitable were said to present a threat to cats' tails. Which is quite an issue when you've got a cat with a kinked tail. The thought of chasing a blood trail through the house, hoping to find the rest of the cat, isn't a pleasant one.

We'll likely address the tail with surgical intervention at some point, should it actually become an issue for her. Can anyone suggest a suitable cat door that is safe for her until then?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations :-)