Advice needed please: Boots - 11 years old Male - Weightloss and vomiting; test results pending. Cerenia and Elura, food assistance.

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Jul 31, 2021
Just wanted to add Boot's files here. We got his big tests back but only over the phone. All signs point to Large Cell Lymphoma. Devastated. I'm completely overwhelmed with the possible options that we can take from now to keep him happy and content.

I've been reading about all the chemo protocols that could help, and I need to read more threads here to see other's experience with Chemo but would really appreciate all of your insight.

At the moment Boots is ok, we went about 60 hours without vomit but he threw up last night but the Zofran really helped after that event and he ate a good breakfast.

I'm currently in FL but have to go back to VA in a week and I'm not sure if I should take Boots with me. It's a really long story, but basically, my spouse has been caring for the cats because of a difficult split. I feel like I could provide better medical care for Boots if he's with me, but that would also involve a stressful move for him when he's not feeling amazing. I work from home so I can react quicker to all of his needs. The vet said she can help me knock him out for the car ride but I am not sure what is right for him.

Should we do the ultrasound and biopsy to confirm if the results are 'highly suggestive' to quote the vet or should we start prednisolone and chemo if they'll allow it with the test results alone?

Based on the files I'm including where would you even begin? Can I start the prednisolone and add chemo later? My vet said I shouldn't start prednisolone first if we are considering chemo.

Our aim is the happiest time our dear boy can have.

Thank you in advance for all of your help and advice.