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Adventure Cat Remi!


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Aug 20, 2019
After a little time getting used to the harness, my sis and I decided to bring 13 week old Remi on his first adventure- with lots of thought and planning of course.
After we grabbed a couple of friends and my bf, we drove 45 minutes (most of which was spent purring and napping) to our favorite petstore! We spent about an hour in the petstore exploring, meeting new animals and meeting new people. Remi loved it (though he wasn't so sure about shopping carts. Freaky big metal things, y'know?) and drank up all the attention :redheartpump:
He had his whiskers forward and his tail high and he was determined to explore everything!
So proud :redheartpump::redheartpump:
Then, on impulse, we stopped by a neat little cafe (weren't sure at first if they allowed cats, but when the employees saw Remi one of them literally started crying she was so happy- everyone needs a little cat therapy) and Remi explored all over there too!
Of course, such a busy day for one so little calls for lots of naps. He slept all the way home, ate a hearty dinner, and is sleeping contently in the other room.

Car trip there!


Confidently exploring!


Hanging out at the cafe :lovecat2:


He had to climb on all the shelves!!


Up high on my boyfriend's shoulders, looking out over the city!


And Theo?
Unlike Remi, he's purr-fectly happy to stay right at home, curled up cozy on the couch protecting his domain. :hearthrob:

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